Guerrilla Trek and Yarsa Trails, Off the Beaten Path in Western Nepal (Kindle) (Paperback)

The Guerrilla Trek and Yarsa Trails are an utterly unique experience.

Take an exhilarating odyssey through the heartland of post-conflict territory. This remote area where state forces clashed with Maoist rebels is now a tranquil land graced with many natural attractions that will compete for your attention every step of the way.

Visitors will experience ancient villages surrounded by trilling birdsong and emerald and golden paddy fields. This area has a robust range of eco-diversity including Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Nepal’s only hunting reserve. Wildlife, waterfalls, rivers, caves, lakes, hot springs, yarsagumba hunting grounds and the inspiring, snow-topped Himalaya to the north make this region an adventurer’s Nirvana.

The cultural and natural treasures and attractions of The Guerrilla Trek and Yarsa Trails make for a lifetime highlight!


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Electronic Nepali Language Guide for Tourists and Trekkers

Nepal Introduction

A brief yet thorough introduction to Nepal’s attractions and highlights. This guidebook is a must read for anyone visiting Nepal and covers everything from practical information for visitors (e.g., seasons, festivals, nightlife, health and safety) to cultural and natural treasures.

Nepal opened its borders in 1951. Mountain climbers were among the first to arrive, and the country quickly became beloved as a natural paradise with welcoming people, fascinating traditions and age-old customs.

Nestled in the Himalaya, Nepal is sandwiched between the two largest countries in history, India and China. On its northern border with the Tibetan Frontier, Nepal is graced with eight of the world’s ten highest peaks spiraling into the heavens! Over 27 million people call Nepal home and more than 50% of the population lives in the fertile, southern plains. Between these bountiful lowlands and the icy pinnacles of the north are lush mid-hills with enchanting villages surrounded by emerald and golden paddy fields.

With a captivating range of ecological and biological diversity and limitless opportunities for adventure and leisure, Nepal has something for everyone.

Whatever you come for (e.g., trekking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, jungle safari, research, study, work, play), this guidebook provides the essentials for getting to know this fascinating Himalayan nation.

A visit to Nepal will be an exhilarating lifetime highlight!

A Tiny Little Insider’s Guide to Pokhara, Second Edition (Updated August, 2014) with the latest details and highlights. Pokhara made easy for tourists and expatriates alike.

A Tiny Little Insider’s Guide to Pokhara, Second Edition (Updated August, 2014) — with the latest details and highlights. Pokhara made easy for tourists and expatriates .

Pokhara is a lakeside Nirvana 200 km (125 mi) west of Kathmandu and a favorite of Nepali honeymooners and vacationers from all over the globe. The big city is stripped away at Lakeside – enjoy wide avenues and vistas of beautiful Phewa Lake shimmering in the sunlight. The surrounding lush scenery competes for your gaze and offers glimpses of Himalayan giants soaring into the heavens.
This laid-back tourist destination is a restful hub for deeper ventures into the Himalaya and post-trek rejuvenation as well as general holidaymaking and leisure with a vibrant restaurant, bar and live-music scene. Pokhara is ideal for letting go of worldly cares on a vacation in the Himalaya and this guide provides the essentials for making the most of Nepal’s  Shangrila.

Exclusive information to this 2nd edition includes the following:

-Details on Hong Kong Bazaar —a sprawling market popular with locals and reminiscent of Southeast Asia’s outdoor bazaars.

-Insider information about Maji Kuna – a hidden gem on the eastern shores of Begnas Tal where visitors can soak up the radiant surroundings on an isolated peninsula.

-Directions to Phewa Powerhouse below Phewa Park — ideal for a picnic and the perfect place to get away and relish the surrounding natural paradise of plunging waterfalls, lush trees, citronella plants and trilling birdsong — refresh with a dip in the river and get drenched by a waterfall shower.

-Recommended Restaurants, Pubs and Coffee Houses

And much more with specifics on Shanti Stupa, the Buddhist shrine built to promote world peace and trails to it. The pagoda’s snowflake-white dome overlooks the Pokhara Valley and beyond as it twinkles atop evergreen Ananda Ridge. This hillside of dense jungle forms the southern border of Pokhara’s Fewa Lake and is the first section of an exciting day-tour around the lake.

This edition provides descriptions of Pokhara’s many highlights and treasures (e.g., Dihiko Patan, hidden Fewa Park and more)! A must read for anyone visiting Pokhara.


The Best Little Guidebook for Trekking the Everest Region (Kindle) (Paperback) The Khumbu (Everest Region of Nepal) is as good as it gets for mountain scenery and Himalayan trekking. The area boasts more well-endowed vistas than you will likely have in your entire life. This wondrous land is populated by the hearty Sherpa following a timeless way of life. Known as the ‘Tigers of the Snow’ for their aptitude at high elevations, Sherpa are the local guardians of the Himalaya and trusted climbing partners in the mountains that they consider divine.

There is much to explore in this Sherpa homeland favored by Mother Nature including the historic Everest Base Camp, dazzling Gokyo Lakes, and the ambitious Three Passes Circuit (with secret Fourth Pass described within this guide) among numerous, inviting side-tours.

Trekking in the Everest Region is an exhilarating journey and non-stop feast of majestic peaks, cultural treasures and breathtaking attractions! The welcoming people, regal monasteries, radiant mountains, delicious home-style food and swill, along with a united nations of international travelers combine to make the Khumbu a trekkers’ paradise and lifetime highlight!

This guidebook is a must have for anyone visiting the Everest Region.