Folk Song

Himalayan folk song (from rugged Rukum District) – translated by Alonzo Lyons and Surendra Rana

Jumla bata bagdai aayou kastoori ko binaa
Paat udauchha bayalaile
Man udauchha kina?

Scents from musk deer drift down from Jumla
While fallen leaves are blown about by the wind
Why is my heart so restless?

Lekai chalyo huru ru batash
Jiuli chaylo sanko
Hareko abhagi karma kaile chhaina man ko?

There are strong gusts on the summits
And a gentle breeze in the valley
Am I so unlucky as to never find my destiny?

Sani Bheri sarobara
Pulbata taraula
Mare ta kaalai le laigo
Bache bhet garaula

When the Sani Bheri is raging
We can cross over it on a bridge
And when I die, all will be finished
But while I am living, we will surely meet again!